Alright, so you are about to move into a new home! Everything is going according to plan but once you are in, you notice some things are not quite right.

When building a home, it is crucial to do a building and pest inspection prior to moving in. Many problems can be faulted by your Perth building inspector, including the following…


Structural issues


Structural damage can be a severe issue if not looked after immediately. When structural problems are detected in your home, this can delay the process of moving into your home as it is unsafe to do so. Typically, if structural damage is identified, your investigator will recommend further investigation by an engineer to locate the root of the problem. It is highly advised that you do not move into your home until the issue has been resolved and fixed.


Water issues


There are many downfalls to having water issues in your home, including structure damage or timber pest activity such as fungal decay. When water enters the structure of the house, the consequences can become extreme. Water issues can include water leaking from the roof or guttering and downpipes falling apart.


Termite infestation


Throughout a building and pest inspection, your investigator may identify areas of termite infestation. This can become overly concerning as termite activity can result in a lot of damage. Termites are not always detected with the eye, and before it is detected, termites can already cause a great amount of damage in the home. Therefore, termite specialists highly recommend having all homes inspected as it is one of the most common causes of damage to a home’s structure.


Roof problems


Roof issues can also be caused by excessive water. Due to excessive moisture, the ceiling can begin to sag and lose its stable structure, resulting in costly roof issues. This can be quite expensive to fix and may require a roofing expert to further investigate the structural issues.




When there is excess moisture and poor ventilation in the structure of a home, mould can often build up and weaken the overall structure. This can become a serious health issue for those living in the home and can lead to asthma and other serious health problems. This can also become a costly issue to fix in the future.


Rotting timber


When timber becomes moist and is not maintained, fungal decay can grow, and the wood structure will begin to rot. It is recommended that you find a timber specialist to give you the best quality timber to avoid rotting wood and fungal decay. By using low-quality timber, you are potentially setting your home up for increased expenses and issues.


Safety issues


Once your building and pest inspection has been completed, your building inspector in Perth will be able to identify safety concerns and flag it in their report. This will then be discussed in terms of how serious the issues are, and further progress can be made to fix these issues.


Noncompliant building


If major issues are detected in the initial building and pest inspection, your home may be classified as non-compliant. The danger of having a non-compliant building is that the city council might issue you with an order to rectify or demolish the building as it does not comply with the Australian building standards.

If you have any questions regarding the inspection process, feel free to contact us. At BCI WA, our team is here to ensure you have complete confidence that you are moving into a Perth home that is safe and secure. Get in touch!