Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Trust our fully qualified building inspectors in Perth to undertake professional and thorough inspections of your property.

Professional Independent Inspectors Who are Qualified Registered Builders or Engineers.

Our Inspectors have over 30 years industry experience and the technical knowledge and experience to identify potential structural issues. We report in simple easy to read terms and you have the inspectors direct number so you can have any queries answered promptly by the person who conducts your inspection!.

Coordinated Timber Pest Inspections.

We can coordinate a independent licensed and insured timber pest inspector to attend and issue a separate report at a very competitive rate. We prefer to have licensed pest controllers assess your biggest asset as we believe in using the RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB every time.

Your Report is Detailed, Easy to Read & Compliant with Australian Standards.

Our detailed pre-purchase reports comply with AS4349.1 – Pre-purchase Residential Building Inspections and has been developed over more than 21 years. The structural inspection is designed to satisfy the requirements of the standard REIWA building inspection annexure.

Have a Concern Regarding the Property?

We are here for you! If you have any concerns regarding the property, let us know and we will have your inspector address your concern  specifically!

We are Fully Covered Which Means so are You!

We carry full Professional Indemnity, Professional Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance because our inspectors are our biggest asset and our clients want to know they are getting happy healthy and knowledgeable people!

BCI Firth are the Perth property inspections specialists. Since 1994, we have provided property inspections around the Perth metropolitan area. We are available to provide property inspection services in the Perth metropolitan area and beyond.

We have 6 experienced building inspectors who are fully qualified and experienced. Our friendly and helpful staff members at BCI Firth are thorough, helpful, and professional. If any problem is discovered during your property inspection, we will advise you as to how to practically and economically fix the problem in a way satisfies sellers, buyers, landlords, and renters.

In our experience, we find that there are cost effective building maintenance solutions available. We provide reports within 24 hours for your convenience. If you have any questions about your property inspection in Perth, we are more than happy to provide impartial advice based on our investigation of your property.

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your needs as well as the Australian Standards (AS43491.1 2007).


The Services We Offer Include:




Each service includes a full inspection of all structural items as well as a written report. The benefits of relying on our services means that you can:

  • Trust our fully qualified building inspectors to undertake professional and thorough inspections of your property;
  • Rely on our building inspectors to make an assessment of your property that meets Australian national standards;
  • Take advantage of our building inspectors’ professional advice regarding any maintenance and corrective actions and;
  • Receive quality inspection reports that report on all items checked, not just faults found.


BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer
BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer