What We Inspect:

Any specific item or area agreed upon beforehand. Our goal is to provide targeted, effective assessments that lead to actionable insights.

Examples of Common Items We Inspect

We can inspect a variety of items including structural components like cracking, water ingress, exterior elements, roofing, plumbing, electrical systems, interior features, insulation and ventilation, and safety concerns. Our goal is to cover all critical areas to ensure your property is in excellent condition.

Why Choose BCI WA Instead of a Builder Directly?

Choosing BCI WA means benefiting from our comprehensive assessments, experienced inspectors with over 25 years of expertise, and unbiased insights. Often builders amplify the extent of issues in property with the desire to make more money out of you. Unlike these builders we don’t undertake any of the remedy work, meaning our assessment is completely independent.

Our Inspection Process

Our process begins with an initial phone consultation to discuss your needs, followed by scheduling a convenient inspection time. Our experienced inspectors conduct a thorough on-site assessment, providing a detailed report with findings and recommendations. We review the report with you, offering ongoing support and connecting you with trusted tradespeople if you need a starting point for quotes.


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