When a Visible Crack on the Wall is a Concern

A crack in the wall can come about for many reasons including water damages, climate change and building materials degrading. Some cracks are quite small and can be easily fixed with simple fillers. Other cracks, however, can become alarming and dangerous if not acted upon quickly. The first sign to look out for when identifying if a wall crack is severe is to check in which direction it moves along the wall.


The three primary types of cracks include:


Vertical cracks: These cracks are usually caused by foundation settling which starts where the drywall meets the ceiling.


Horizontal cracks: If a crack travels along the wall horizontally, this has the potential to be more dangerous as it could indicate water damage to the property or structural issues.


Diagonal cracks: They often indicate the caving in of footings and can become quite expensive to fix.



#1 When is it time to be concerned?


If you notice that there are cracks forming around your doorway, along with a sagging ceiling, this is a serious issue and requires immediate attention from an expert.  To further investigate the severity of the cracks in your home, test the doors and windows to identify if you notice any changes in the way they move or close. Are your doors or windows sticking when trying to open them? Can they be opened and closed smoothly with ease? If the answer is no, there is a potential that your home could have a structure problem. In this case, it is important to call a building inspector in Perth immediately.



#2 Call your building inspector in Perth right away!


A Perth building inspector will be able to diagnose the problem and suggest further ways to repair it in a way that it does not become a recurring problem. Another indicator to keep an eye out for is nail popping. Are there any nails or screws that are visibly popping out of your walls? This could signal foundational damage or a structural issue.


#3 Final word of advice

 If at any point, you identify a crack in the wall. We advise you to document the damage and take clear photographs of the crack, including at what point of the wall it is on. Continue to revisit it and take photos of its progression, ensuring to measure it with a ruler each time to ensure you are aware of how much it is growing over time. Do not take cracks lightly. Although it may seem simple at first, simple cracks can grow into severe cracks. If you identify a small crack the best solution is to fix it with simple filler. If you at any point in time come across a crack that catches your attention and seems alarming, contact an expert Perth building inspector. They will assist you in this issue and ensure that your home is safe and hazard free.


#4 Get in touch with Perth’s leading building inspector…

 At BCI WA, we want you to feel safe and secure in your own home. To find out more about our building inspection reports or if you have any questions regarding potential problems in the structure of your home, feel free to contact us.