If you are embarking on your building journey in Perth, let us start of by saying congratulations!


Have you engaged progress and practical completion building inspector in Perth yet? If not, we recommend that you do! Not only will a building inspection pick up on any defects to the home that you or the builder might have missed. Building inspectors are thorough and will look pick up on things that you wouldn’t have even considered!


AT BCIWA, we have devised 6 reasons why you should engage a building inspector in Perth through your building journey.


  1. We ensure your builder sticks to building codes: All builders need to adhere to Australian building standards, that are guided by a set of building codes. When you work with a building inspector, they will keep track of whether your builder is in fact abiding by the codes. This will guarantee that the home that is being built is compliant to safety standards.


  1. We work solely on your behalf: It is a known fact that most builders have their own building inspectors. However, when you hire your own independent building inspector, you have someone who is solely working on your behalf. They become your eyes through the building process, providing you peace of mind in the integrity of your new home build.


  1. We believe in cohesion: With so many different components in a new home, having someone who can survey the work with a thorough understanding of the entire process is a huge benefit. Contractors will come and go throughout the building process, but having your own building inspector means someone is taking a holistic view of the project, in it’s entirety.


  1. Our team were once builders too: For the most part, building inspectors are generally retired builders who are off the tools with many years of experience behind them. This means we speak the language of building, and we know what to look for. After all, we have walked down this road! We also know how to look out for and where some of the potential shortcuts may creep in, sometimes not on purpose.


  1. You get a report and photos to reference: You have the added bonus of receiving a report and photos after they have surveyed the building site at each stage of the process. You will get this before you are required to pay each progress payment, giving the builder incentive to fix any issues before you pay.


  1. Saves your thousands down the road: Yes, there is an upfront fee as you work through each stage of the building process. Engaging in a Perth building inspector means that you will save money down the track, particularly if they pick something up that you might have missed. The builder will have to fix it before they can finish the house, so you won’t have to deal with it in the future.




At BCI, we ensure you receive high quality and professional building inspections in Perth. You can buy your dream home with complete confidence with our building inspection services! Let’s Chat today! Alternatively, you can get an instant quote here.