Are You Building A Property And Need Independent Advice?

At any stage of the building process, our building inspectors are qualified to undertake a progress inspection. A progress inspection report comprehensively assesses all aspects of construction including any defects and omissions for you to address with your builder.

To ensure that your property is ready for handover, a practical completion inspection determines the quality and compliance of the building consistent with your approved drawings and Australian Standards. Again any defects or omissions identified are for you to address with your builder or building supervisor.

What Items are Inspected?

  • Building compliance with building codes
  • Compliance with your approved building plans, including actual versus agreed measurements
  • Finishes of all doors, windows, walls, plaster and render
  • All cabinetry and tiling checked for sealing, alignment and quality of installation
  • External roof, gutters, down pipes, valleys, flashings, flues, chimneys and ridges
  • Underside of roof, roof space, roof structure, ceiling sheets, insulation type and coverage
  • Foundations, installation quality, piers and stumps
  • All floors, walls and doors are straight and true
  • Basic preliminary plumbing & electrical check (n.b. we are not licenced electricians/plumbers)

What Will We Do?

  • Arrange a BCI building inspector to visit the property
  • Organise access to the property with the owner or occupant
  • Undertake a comprehensive inspection of the property
  • Prepare a report and email or post it or you may collect it from our office in Como
  • Re-inspect the property if any defects or omissions are found at the progress inspection or pre-handover, we can also re-inspect the building once any outstanding items have been addressed by the builder.

How Do We Help You?

We offer peace of mind on your investment as we:
  • Recommend practical maintenance and preventive actions to maintain your investment
  • Have a team of inspectors who are all registered builders who have over 25 years of experience each
  • Are a member of the Master Builders Association
  • Provide a list of trusted trades people who you can refer to for future maintenance work
  • Have full public indemnity insurance, which means that you are insured too!

What are the Costs?

The costs of an inspection are based on the size of the property, its location and whether it is single or two storey.


BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer
BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer