Are You Undertaking a Major Civil Works Program As a Developer or Construction Company? Or Are You Living Next Door to a Development That You Think May Impact Your Property? Dilapidation Survey!

  • During construction neighbouring properties can sustain minor cracking and defects caused by vibrations, soil dewatering and construction errors. A dilapidation survey should be undertaken prior to any site works commencing, and during the final maintenance period of construction projects.
  • Either way, to protect your interests a dilapidation survey report ensures that the current condition of a property is recorded prior to site works or building.
  • The dilapidation survey can be relied upon to settle any potential disputes regarding the condition of a property before construction has commenced.
  • Dilapidation surveys can limit problems or disputes between property owners and construction  companies.

What Will We Do?

  • Arrange a BCI building inspector to visit the property
  • Organise access to the property with the owner or occupant
  • Undertake a comprehensive inspection of the property with photos
  • Prepare a dilapidation survey and email or post it or you may collect it from our office in Como

What Items Are Inspected?

  • External/internal floor and wall cracks, however minor
  • Ceiling and cornice cracks
  • Masonry fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • External roof
  • Roadways, kerbs and channelling
  • Infrastructure e.g. substations, reservoirs, water tanks

How Do We Help You?

We offer peace of mind on your investment as we:
  • Recommend practical maintenance and preventive actions to maintain your investment
  • Have a team of inspectors who are all registered builders who have over 30 years of experience each and can perform dilapidation survey reports in Perth
  • Are a member of the Master Builders Association
  • Provide a list of trusted trades people who you can refer to for future maintenance work
  • Have full public indemnity insurance, which means that you are insured too!

What Are The Costs Of A Dilapidation Survey Report In Perth?

The costs of a dilapidation survey are based on the size of the development to be surveyed, number of properties, size of property and its location.


BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer
BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer