Facilitating Building Indemnity Insurance Claims with Precision and Expertise

Securing your property investment and ensuring compliance with Western Australia’s legal requirements is essential. BCI WA specialises in conducting detailed inspections for owner-builders to ascertain eligibility for Building Indemnity Insurance claims, providing a critical service that safeguards your properties future.

Depending on your property needs, here are some of the items that are included in your report:

  • Check that the building has been built to the approved plans.
  • Check the standard of build/quality of build.
  • Measure internal areas and location of openings (windows, doors, etc).       
  • Check roof frame, subfloor to ensure all correct.
  • Check position of plumbing and electrical outlets according to approved plan.
  • Check ceiling heights, room sizes, etc are as nominated on the approved plans.
  • Issue required paperwork if all correct to support the insurance application.

What is Building Indemnity Insurance?

Mandated by the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 (WA), Building Indemnity Insurance is essential protection that covers the purchaser and subsequent owners under Statutory Warranties for a period of 7 years from the Building Permit issue date.

It’s a safety net for residential projects over $20,000, designed to cover unforeseen circumstances such as the owner-builder’s insolvency, disappearance, or death.


What Difference Will Using BCI WA Make for Me?

    • At BCI WA, our inspectors bring over 25 years of comprehensive industry experience straight to your doorstep, contribution insight into potential structural issues that will help with any Indemnity claim.
    • Each report is crafted to be straightforward and accessible.
    • Proudly, all our building inspectors are WA registered builders, a testament to our commitment to quality, with every report featuring the builder’s registration number for your assurance.


BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer
BCI, building inspector, building inspector Perth, registered builder, structural engineer