You’ve finally found the property of your dreams, and you’re about to make an offer. But that all could be for naught if there are major structural issues with the home – a problem most homeowners don’t even know they have until it’s too late.

Are you ready for the peace of mind that comes with a thorough strata inspection report? We are here to give you that! Obtain a professional strata inspection report by us before making any final decisions on your property.


Firstly, what is strata?

Strata schemes allow for individuals to become the shared owners of a property. When you buy into one, your ownership extends not just to those areas that are directly around where you live but also includes all other common spaces within.

This means from the garden in which children can play or walk their dog without fear; through hallways and lifts used by residents living on different floors; even down to laundry facilities open 24-hours per day – every part is jointly owned. Therefore, each owner has an obligation (sometimes called ‘strata obligations’) when it comes time for maintenance work such as roof repairs or replacing air-conditioners.


Secondly, what is a strata inspection report?

A strata inspection report is a full review of Owners Corporation records- it gives insight into potential buyers’ community. Strata inspections can be an excellent tool to make sure you’re making the right investment with a property.

A strata inspection report will give you info on who your neighbours are, what problems have arisen in the past and how they were resolved and financial reports for better transparency of any issues that may arise down the line. You could save yourself from future stress by taking this step first before buying!


At what stage of my property journey do I require a strata inspection report?

A strata inspection report only applies if you’re buying a strata-titled property, such as a residential unit or a townhouse within a complex. If you’re buying a house, then you need a building inspection report instead.

Bear in mind that a strata search can take a few days. If you don’t want to hold up your offer, you might use the 5-day cooling-off period or include a clause in your contract that makes your purchase subject to the strata report findings.


BCI WA has been inspecting and preparing maintenance plans for strata properties in Perth since the legislation was implemented 15 years ago, witnessing their demand skyrocket exponentially as a result of this new law.

Are you ready for a strata inspection in Perth? Then get in touch today!