4 Questions to Pre-Qualify a Building Inspector

Moving into a new home or investing in a property is an exciting chapter in life! By finding a building inspector that is qualified and provides excellent service, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home because they will do the job for you. How...

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Garage Conversion Checklist – 8 Must Do’s

    Garage Conversion Checklist - 8 Must Do's Your Cheat Sheet to Ensure Council Approval   Often we inspect houses and there are structures or rooms that are being advertised as habitable when they are not. Regardless of how long your teenager has...

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If you live in or near bushland you are at risk from a bushfire and developing a bushfire survival plan is critical. Being prepared for a bushfire can help save you and your family’s lives, your property and your livelihood. Are you and your family at risk? Do you...

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BCI WA Chemical Delignification in Pre-purchase Reports

Case Study: Delignification in Pre-Purchase Reports

When inspecting Perth properties, a common finding is delignification in pre-purchase reports. What is Delignification? Known as Chemical Delignification but commonly referred to as Defibrosis, Hairy Timber or Furry Batten. This term describes the deterioration in...

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Step-by-step Sales Process for Home Buyers – Simplified!

  Step-by-step Sales Process for Buyers – Simplified!   You find a property that you love ⇓  Buyers in market should ideally seek pre-approval for borrowing capacity Offers presented to sellers (vendors) Agent negotiates sale price and conditions of offer...

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At Building Consultancy & Inspections (having performed over 30,000 inspections) we have found that one of the biggest or most serious concerns for purchasers is the presence of asbestos-containing material (ACM) at the inspection site. ACM was extensively used...

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Structural Inspector Ian Watling, BCI

Business, more than a structural building inspection!

Business is more than a structural building inspection!   When you are the supplier to an industry that needs you, as opposed to wants you, then you get your satisfaction from knowing that you have delivered a product that will exceed expectations. Too often...

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Strata Inspections Perth, BCI, Building Inspections, Strata Reform, Sinking Funds

Strata Inspections Perth: BCI’s Top 5 Strata Reform Wins!

There are benefits galore associated with the new Strata Reform. In a nutshell, Landgate is executing the strata reform and a handful of industry leaders in Perth have assisted by investing a whole lot of time, energy and experience. The collaboration and time...

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