We use a similar procedure for all inspections in order to maintain the accuracy of our reports. To do this we adopt a sequence of:

  • Top of roof
  • Outside walls
  • Underfloor (where accessible)
  • Inside home
  • Roof space

We will not confine our report to “faults found“, rather we will be checking as you require:

  • Structural items
  • Non-Structural items
  • Preventative maintenance, and our reports are so identified
  • Preliminary plumbing
  • Preliminary electrical
  • Moisture meter testing to all wet areas and adjacent walls

According to Our Clients Brief We May: (Subject to Access & Conditions)

  • Whilst on top of the roof, repair any cracked or broken tiles, flashings, with roof and gutter silicone (this is an inclusive service which avoids you or your vendor having to employ a separate tradesperson and at no additional expense). We will also check roof coverings, ridges, hips, valleys, roof lights, vents, and note air conditioners, eaves, gutters, rainwater down pipes, fascias and flashings as required.
  • On external walls: check bricks, mortar, foundations, walls, lintels, rainwater down pipes, steps, doors, windows, eaves overlay, render, awnings.
  • Underfloor: check footings, ground, piers, stumps, plates and bearers, beams joists, ant caps, etc.
  • Inside: check floors, floor finishings, skirtings, torch scan the walls to detect any previous repairs, electronic moisture meter check for rising or penetrating damp, test floor and wall tiles for “drumminess” and condition, doors and windows (structurally straight & true), shower and bath screens, ceilings.
  • Roof space: check structural framework, underside of roof coverings, ceiling framing, attachment of ceilings, chimneys, fire walls and insulation.
  • Plumbing: check all visible appliances and sanitary ware, presence of hot and cold taps, waste traps, drain pipes (visible), hot water heater valves, gas and gas appliance connections. Special Purpose Reports are separate.
  • Electrical: preliminary check of earthing of plug points, lights and light switches, fans, earth rod, residual current devices. Advise Special Purpose Report for age of wiring.
  • Painting and decoration to clients choice, but advise where incomplete, flaking, peeling, cause and remedy.
  • With all items above we will maintain a neutral, independent position and will remain open and positive. We will advise on remedies, cost where known or applicable and more importantly supply a list of trustworthy, reliable tradespeople for work which you may need to have done, or for which you may choose to do.
  • We invite our clients to be present during or at the end of an inspection, to the prior approval of the vendor and or the listing/conjuncting real estate representative. This will allow us to fully explain our findings and an opportunity for you to collect the report which is completed on-site.
  • We charge for time spent on-site, we will not charge for further explanations or querying of our inspection and report. Our service allows you to call us at any time in the future to answer your questions and advice required

Our Reports Are

  • Standardised – all buildings have the same elements.
  • Itemised- serves as a memory that everything will be included, allows our clients to follow up on excluded items.
  • Printed, not hand written – for clarity
  • Available for immediate handover to the client when completed.
  • Report incorporates Tax Invoice – for prompt payment on presentation of report.

If you require more information about any of our payment options or would like to book an inspection, please contact us.