As you know, when mould damage occurs in a Perth home, the results can be devastating. Not just devastating to the home, but to one’s health as well.

Like with many issues, the sooner it’s discovered and dealt with, the better. That is why the team at BCI WA have gathered a list of 5 warning signs that will tell you that your Perth home is growing mould…right before your eyes!

  1. It’s obvious to the naked eye – you can see the spores

If mould is growing inside your house, you will visibly see mould spores. The spores can get stuck on your ceilings, window frames, and walls and much more. You may assume the mould is just surface dirt. Do not use a cleaning detergent to clean the mould spores.


  1. A pungent odour that is normally musty

Moulds can release an unpleasant odour inside your residence. The odour can trigger asthmatic or allergic reactions. It can also cause nausea, dizziness, nasal and throat irritations, and headaches. Smelling musty odour inside your house is a clear sign there is mould inside your house.

If you’re experiencing this issue, follow your nose and see if you can detect the source. If you can’t narrow it down, call a mould removal specialist to take a look. The problem could be inside your walls or floorboards.


  1. There is a build up of moisture

Moisture build-up on your furniture, ceilings, floors, and walls means there is a humidity problem inside your house. Damp and wet spots are the perfect breeding ground for mould, so check for condensation inside your home. Moisture build-up can lead to mould growth.


  1. Mould Outbreak After Your Home Floods

Mould grows quickly in a flooded or water damaged house. Remove flood water or water damage and clean your house immediately after it floods to avoid mould growth. Flood water or water damage creates the perfect condition for mould to grow. You may even see visible mould after your home floods.


  1. Mould Growth After Water Damage

It is easy to spot water damage because it appears as peeling, cracks, and bubbles in your wall. Check for warped or bulging walls and ceilings because they are a clear sign there is mould growing under the surface. Water stains or discolouration on your floorboards, ceilings, and walls can lead to mould growth in your house.


Want to know how best to prevent mould from growing in your Perth home, then read our recent article on this topic. Otherwise, get in touch with our team of Perth building inspectors today.