If you are embarking on your property purchasing  journey in Perth, firstly, congratulations are certainly in order.


Before final settlement, it is imperative that you engage a building inspector in Perth. Have you done so already? If not, we recommend that you do! After all, acquiring the help of a building inspector in Perth will allow you to pick up on defects of the home that you may have missed or perhaps, not even considered. 

At BCI WA, we have devised a list of 5 reasons you should get a building inspection done in Perth prior to buying or building a home. 


#1 It ensures your home adheres to relevant local regulations, and building codes

There are a set of Australian building standards that are guided by a set of building codes. When you work with a building inspector, they will be able to pick up on whether the home you are looking at has abided by the codes. This will guarantee that the home that is being built is compliant to safety standards. Furthermore, we check that your desired home is up-to-date with any government regulations.


#2 A building inspector in Perth works for YOU

When you hire your own independent building inspector in Perth, you have someone who is solely working on your behalf. It is our job to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, and that your best interests are looked after. A bonus, for the most part, building inspectors are generally retired builders who are off the tools with many years of experience behind them. This means we speak the language of building, and we know what to look for. 


#3 Saves your thousands down the road

Yes, there is an upfront fee when you engage to work with us. However, entrusting a Perth building inspector means that you will save money down the track, particularly if a building inspector picks something up that you might have missed. This means that you won’t have to deal with this concern in the future. Furthermore, you are in a stronger purchasing power position to make informed decisions. 


 #4 Be better placed for stronger negotiation

If potential issues have been picked up, this can result in a negotiation. We will flag that to you and inform you of what may happen if this issue is not resolved. If this issue is not serious but still causes you to feel as if the home is not worth the asking price, you can use this as a tool for negotiation during the final phases.


#5 I have confidence in your purchasing choice

You want to know that your home is of good quality and standard. You want to be reassured that your home is safe and hazard-free. From a first glance, the home may look like it is in perfect condition, but as experienced building inspectors, we have come across our fair share of disappointments. With our inspection report, we thoroughly review and investigate the home to ensure that all aspects of the property are completely safe, so you can have the utmost confidence in your purchasing choice.


At BCI, we ensure you receive high quality and professional building inspections in Perth. You can buy your dream home with complete confidence with our building inspection services! Let’s chat today! Alternatively, you can get an instant quote here.