So, like everyone else in Perth, you are eager to ride the wave of this property boom.

The property market is hot, and you feel like now is the best time to buy.

Well, before you dive in, head-first, we recommend being thoroughly well-versed on what the warning signs are.

A home should never be purchased without getting it assessed. Any defects found can provide several options for you, especially if purchased subject to a satisfactory building inspection.

Here at BCI WA, we have devised a list of 4 things to look out for, when searching the property market for a home.

#1 Termites

A lot of people don’t know they have termites in their house until it is too late. It can be hard to find these pests, but luckily there are ways to spot them before any damage becomes irreversible. You’ll need to thoroughly inspect your home for anything that could harbour termites, such as the subflooring or wet areas within your home’s walls. Furthermore, you should also test all accessible timbers and take moisture readings if possible. There may not be one sure-fire way of finding out what type of wood has been infested with pesky minor bugs, so we recommend employing both thermal imaging tools like our Termite Radar Meter and using visual clues found on timber pieces themselves–termite droppings tend to resemble tiny grains or pellets.

#2 Internal leaks

A leaky shower can be a major pain to deal with. That’s why homeowners need to take care of leaks as soon as they are detected to prevent any damage on the structure and property. Luckily, during our building inspections in Perth, we use moisture metres to detect even small amounts of humidity, so we know whether your home needs some drywall repair work! The best way to find out if you have a leaking shower or bathroom, outside of noticing water pooling after taking your morning bath, is by looking for swelling in timber door frames and skirting boards along with patching or lower wall paint flake; because this normally indicates that there has been at least one recent past leak coming from the area.

#3 Drainage issues

A sloping block will have more drainage or damp issues than a flat one. There should be no water flowing towards the home as this can lead to structural problems such as cracks in the foundation and walls, so drains around your property need to stay clear of debris. Downpipes need also be free from obstruction before they are connected to an underground drain system.

#4 The property boundaries

Boundaries can be a contentious issue. Sometimes, parts of your property may have been encroached upon unintentionally by those living on neighbouring plots! A pre-purchase building inspection will catch boundary fence discrepancies in the surrounding area.