A thorough commercial building inspection in Perth will highlight the true condition of commercial property and the costs required to repair it. But the question remains, what exactly, will a commercial building inspector look for? At BCI WA, we have created a list of 4 things commercial building inspectors in Perth commonly look for, so you can have a peep through the lens of a commercial building inspector!


Firstly, what is classified as a ‘commercial building’?

A commercial building is a building, premise or physical structure located on commercial real estate. The intention of this building is to generate profit. The five primary categories that encompass ‘commercial buildings’ are, office buildings, retail and restaurants, multifamily dwellings, land and other/miscellaneous.

Here is what commercial building inspectors look for…


#1 The five major systems of a building

From electrical, mechanical, heating, plumbing and air-conditioning, a commercial building inspector will take a look at all five primary elements of a commercial property’s functionality, ensuring they are in good condition. If a system is not up to par, the commercial building inspector will estimate the cost of repair within their report.


#2 The exterior

When referencing the exterior, we are talking about aspects of a building that are beyond the outer walls. We are also talking about the parking areas, landscaping and roofing. The commercial building inspector will determine whether the building is structurally sound and highlight any necessary repair costs.


#3 The interior

When looking a commercial building’s interior, we are striving to check that interior spaces meet relevant building codes of the area, and to conduct an official safety and hazard check. The commercial building inspector will observe the building’s walls, floors, bathrooms, offices, kitchen spaces and similar areas. This portion of the inspection will bring to light any need for renovations (from a safety perspective).


#4 The documentation

It is very important for us to review several documents during the commercial inspection process.

Under our belt, we review appraisals, evacuation plans, building plans, citations, certificates of occupancy, construction permits, fire safety system records, environmental studies, floor plans, maintenance records and surveys.

After we complete the commercial building inspection, we collate our findings into a final property condition report (PCR). The report will feature written evidence of observations, as well as photos for clarification. The report will also include any recommendations on steps forward.


At BCI WA, we ensure you receive high quality and professional commercial building inspections in Perth. You can acquire your ideal commercial premises with complete confidence with our commercial building inspection services! Let’s chat today!