3 Reasons to Complete a Practical Completion Inspection

You are undergoing the final stages of building your home, and you are eager to move in and start this new milestone. You are feeling both excited and nervous because you don’t know what to expect. You might wonder, ‘what if something goes wrong?’

That is where we come in! It might be time to consider completing a practical completion inspection before moving into your home. This will give you complete confidence that your home is well built and ready to move in.


Alright, what is a practical completion inspection?


A practical completion inspection is when your building inspector will meet with your construction supervisor to walk through the property and reveal the finished project. This is a crucial stage in the building process where your building inspector will identify any faults or potential risks. They will walk through the entire property, inspect each room, and discuss its key features to ensure that it meets all the homeowner’s expectations and Australian building standards.


Practical completion inspections provide clarity and minimise confusion.


Completing a practical completion inspection before moving in and finalising the building process gives you complete clarity and confidence that your home is built up to the building standards and is ready for you to move in. You would not have to worry or doubt that your home is not safe to live in. Completing a practical completion inspection gives you total security that your home is safe for you and your family to live in.


A practical completion inspection will protect your investment.


By ensuring that your property is safe to live in, you are protecting your investment. By not completing a practical completion inspection, you run the risk of moving into a home with structural issues which could end up causing you a lot of financial distress in the future. If you are renting your property, those living in the home will have to suffer the consequence and potentially risk your investment. Completing a practical completion inspection will save you significantly and protect your investment.


Save money by identifying problem areas.


During the analysis of each room, your building inspector will identify defects and structural problems. They will prepare a report, note all potential risks that need to be fixed and send it to you to notify you of what is happening on your property. Once the issues are addressed, the builder will have ten days to rectify and resolve the issue. This will save you money and time as the problem is fixed almost straight away. If you do not complete a practical completion inspection, you will risk paying excessive funds to fix the issues once you have already moved in. It is essential to tackle and identify all areas of concerns before the building process is finalised.

To find out more about BCI WA’s practical completion inspection and what occurs in this process, please read our ‘Practical Completion Inspections’ checklist or contact us for further questions.