Are you a business owner in Perth who is looking to buy or sell a commercial property? Perhaps you want this to then be leased out or you want to occupy the premises yourself.

Regardless, the process can be as exhilarating as it is frustrating – often leaving you feeling intense excitement and extreme frustration at the same time.

Have you considered hiring the services of a Perth commercial building inspector?

If you haven’t, here are three reasons to consider partnering with one today.


#1 Saves you irreversible issues down the line

Hire a professional building inspector in Perth today to avoid any surprises or hazards down the road.  The assessment will help you save time and money while protecting your investment for the long term! An inspection could highlight pertinent points with regards to safety issues on-site, this way there are no hidden dangers that need addressing afterwards when things might already be too late. Whether you have plans or not, it is essential to have a comprehensive assessment of the property’s present condition.


#2 Equips you with all the relevant information

A frequent finding in a commercial property inspection is the construction that has taken place without proper permitting, and municipal inspections during the construction phase. Things like hidden electrical boxes, abandoned live wires, over-cut framing members, and poor plumbing venting are just a few common finds.

However, with the use of specialty tools, and the knowledge of a qualified commercial inspector, these issues can be identified and addressed promptly.


#3 You are in a favourable position that you can leverage during negotiations

If you are about to place a commercial property on the market, we advise you to engage as well! This is one sure-fire way to avoid any debilitating surprises.  Be pro-active by hiring a commercial inspector prior to listing, as you can nip any concerns or issues in the bud. We encourage you to maintain control of the due-diligence process. Knowing all the pertinent information regarding your property can give you a leverage in negotiations.

When you choose to engage an experienced commercial property inspector, you hire someone well-versed in this nuance. A typical property inspector does not necessarily have the training or knowledge of the aspects that pertain to a commercial building. In fact, there is an immense disparity in training and experience to assess commercial premises.

Are you ready to book your Perth commercial building inspection? Then get in touch with your Perth team of building inspectors at BCI WA! We look forward to helping you with your request.