4 Questions to Pre-Qualify a Building Inspector

Moving into a new home or investing in a property is an exciting chapter in life! By finding a building inspector that is qualified and provides excellent service, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home because they will do the job for you. How exactly do you find the right building inspector when there are so many options? Here are some essential tips for you to find the most suitable inspector for your home:

#1 Do they have the correct credentials?

It is crucial that your building inspector is qualified to do the job. They should either have a building license and/or a building work supervisor’s license. The supervisor’s license is much harder to obtain and requires extensive knowledge in the field. If your inspector has this license, they are more likely to have the required knowledge.

#2 Are their policies up to date?

Ensure that the building inspector holds current professional indemnity cover/ public liability insurance policies. These are put in place to protect you as a consumer and allows you to legally clear and defend your name in any unfortunate circumstances. These policies also add to the credibility of building inspectors as they are not widely available to under-qualified inspectors.

#3 Do they have current full memberships with industry associations?

Determine whether the building inspector holds current full memberships with industry associations such as ABC (Association of Building Consultants) or HIA (Housing Industry Association). Again, these memberships are more difficult to acquire, therefore building inspectors who do uphold current full memberships are more likely to be suitably qualified.

#4 Do your background search on the company.

One of the greatest steps to ensuring that your building inspector is not only qualified but provides excellent service is by researching their history and past testimonials. Invest time into this process as it allows you to uncover any reoccurring problems or pinpoints the exact skills and services they provide for their clients. Searching past reviews is one way to go about this process as it gives you personal encounters that clients had with the inspector and gives you insight on quality service, how time effective they are and if they are friendly and knowledgeable. Another way to investigate is by researching their actual history and experience in the industry. How long have they been in the industry? What qualifications do their inspectors have? Have they won any awards? Take your time in this stage as it is key to finding the best suitable building inspector for your home.

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