Sagging ceilings are a concern that often hit the bottom of the list, and goes unnoticed most of the time by an untrained eye.

Did you know that a sagging ceiling can cause serious problems down the road? Are you aware of what makes a ceiling sag, and should it be a significant turn off when inspecting properties for purchase?

As a Perth building inspector who regularly conducts ceiling inspections, we decided to discuss sagging ceilings in this article, to give prospective home buyers some peace of mind.


Firstly, what causes a ceiling to sag?


Several factors can make your ceiling sag. They can include:

  • An initial crack in the paint of your ceiling.
  • The ceiling leans to one side.
  • The ceiling has become loose over time.
  • The ceiling can no longer support the weight of the ceiling fan.
  • Foundation movement.
  • Light fixtures with wires that have been overheating are another reason.
  • If moisture gets into the ceiling, it can impact beams and supporting frames.

These are just a few reasons and signs that your ceiling is starting to sag. The list goes on. You can ask us about this when you get in touch with us.


How do I know if it’s at a stage where it needs professional repair?


There are certainly times when the signs are entirely apparent. However, other times unless you have an untrained eye, they are nearly impossible to pick out. Here is what we recommend looking out for:

  • You notice a bulge in the ceiling (sometimes referred to as a pucker).
  • You see bubble lines around the edges of your ceiling.
  • A cracked or damaged ceiling.
  • Swelling or ‘pillowing’ in the ceiling.

Often, the pillowing in the ceiling is not visible, but you can check it out yourself with a ladder, ensuring you have a flashlight handy.


Other reasons, why the ceiling is sagging?


  • Vibrations are caused by roller doors or other mechanical objects.
  • You are looking at an older property.
  • The insulation is too heavy.
  • There is a white ant problem in the home.


What should I do if a home we’d like to buy has a sagging ceiling?


You should always ensure a ceiling is thoroughly investigated by a building inspector in Perth during a pre-purchase building inspection. It is our job to determine the cause and severity of the sagging ceiling. We can then arm you with the right information that you need, to negotiate a fair price, or decide if you want to back out of the deal altogether. The seriousness of the ceiling condition will usually determine the outcome because sagging ceilings can pose a safety risk.



The final verdict, are sagging ceilings an absolute deal-breaker?


This is totally reliant on the report you receive from your building inspection in Perth. Sagging ceilings can be easily repaired, and on the other hand, they can be a hazard and severe accident waiting to happen. Based on your report, you can determine whether it is a deal-breaker or not.


Is your heart set on a specific property? Then get in touch with our building inspections team in Perth, and be sure to mention your strong desire to have ceiling inspections included in your report. BCI WA is a well-known building and pest inspection provider in Perth. We look forward to helping you with your property journey.