Building inspections are a necessity to ensure that your home complies with Australian building standards. While it ensures that you are moving into a safe and secure home, it is also a legal requirement. The fear for many Perth homeowners is that their home could fail the building inspection and lead to more drastic measures. So, what happens when a building inspection fails?


Set proper expectations.

When a building inspection is completed, you will be given a report that will tell you everything that has been identified as unsafe according to the building code of Australia. Realistically, it is extremely difficult to get a perfect score on the report, so do not set yourself up for failure by thinking that everything needs to be near perfect. The reality is that there might be a few issues, the report will tell you how severe the problems are and if further action is required. If you are planning on buying a period home, keep in mind that it is older, and so there may be multiple defects that are listed, which you may have to invest in the long run.


Know the contract terms.

When signing a contract, the terms must be agreed upon by both seller and buyer. It is essential that you are aware of and confidently understand the contract terms. If a building inspection fails, you have the option of cancelling the contract without any penalties being involved. A failed building inspection may be due to many reasons, including serious structural damage, building deterioration and pest infestation.


Be aware of contract conditions.

Familiarise yourself with all terms and conditions of the conditional contract before signing and making any final completions. Be aware that no two contracts are the same. When you are signing something, please read it carefully to ensure that you are aware of the consequences. All parties should have the same understanding of what is considered a failed building inspection record. Ask all of your questions and communicate your doubts before signing the contract.


Seek legal advice.

If a building inspection fails and you are prompted to cancel your contract, as Perth building inspectors, we advise that you seek legal advice immediately. To ensure that you are following legal processes, you will significantly benefit from having a lawyer. You have a greater chance of getting through to the court with a lawyer by your side.


Here is how BCI WA can help…

As Perth building inspectors, we are well aware of the stress of building inspections completed in your new home. You may fear that your home will fail the report. Our team at BCI WA are here to make this process as hassle-free as possible. Our building inspectors are fully qualified and insured. We will provide thorough inspections to ensure that your property is safeguarded and free of any unexpected issues. When working with our team, we value open communication. Post-inspection, you are more than welcome to ask us all of your questions, and we will openly communicate to you on the best way to move forward. Together our team of inspectors have over 30 years of industry experience. You can have complete comfort that you are getting the best service and communication. We value our customers’ trust and a quality job well done.


If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us.