Top 5 Tips for Effective Decluttering (before, during and after your move)

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“De cluttering is more than pretty containers with matching labels”

Heather Gibson, Finer Details


Assess your ‘stuff’

Be critical – look at your home like you don’t live there and try to see with fresh eyes exactly what you are storing.

Top 5 finds:

  1. Unwanted gifts
  2. Sentimental items – kid’s artwork, cards, photos
  3. Clothes that you don’t wear or fit into
  4. Toys or old collections
  5. Books, bills and old paperwork


Align your head and heart

The right mindset will be the difference between success and failure when starting to declutter.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Does it add value to my life?
  2. Has it served it’s purpose?
  3. Could someone else enjoy it now?
  4. Can I take a photo of it instead of storing it?
  5. Do I have other items that do the same thing?


Don’t look back!

Find lasting solutions or ask for help!

Top 5 forever free tips:

  1. One in – one out! First and foremost, apply this rule and you won’t have to spend a day or week decluttering again!
  2. Set limits – is one shelf of mugs enough? If so, when you need to move a glass to make room for the next mug, throw an old one out.
  3. Give everything a home! Instead of putting it down, put it away. If you only have what you need, this shouldn’t be hard.
  4. Become a mindful shopper. Think long term when buying and bringing items into your home.
  5. Be OK with asking for help! Ask a friend that lacks emotion or engage with a professional that can walk you through the process.


Need help with starting your decluttering process?

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