Pre-listing Building Inspections and Structurally Sound Certificate for buyers

What are Pre-listing Building Inspections and what are the benefits of a Structurally Sound Certificate?


Pre-listing Building Inspections and Structurally Sound Certificates will put you way ahead of the selling game and remove any lagging concerns that may occur right at the point of settlement. It is no different from obtaining pre approval on your finance before you go house shopping. A report done prior to sale can remove fear of the unknown.

There are a number of inspection companies that are inspecting for compliance in Perth and this can put vendors in a position they shouldn’t be in. It can also pose a huge risk to our industry because no house being sold today would pass the codes if they weren’t in place when the property was being constructed. When you are the seller of a property and the report is based on compliance, the purchaser might request that as per the report, you bring the property up to today’s codes. The Australian Standards 4349.1 has been written so that inspectors are required to report on the performance of the property on the day of the inspection as per it’s age, use and location.


A few reasons why Pre-listing Inspections and Structurally Sound Certificates are are increasing in popularity:


      1. They remove any uncertainty from your buyers
      2. Vendors have peace of mind that nothing will crop up at the eleventh hour of their sale
      3. Increased buyer confidence leads to smoother sales and higher offers
      4. You can rest knowing any issues have already been addressed and there won’t be last minute requests from buyers


Who pays for the inspection and report and how much are they?


This procedure has been in place for properties going to auction for years. They have found a place on the Perth market due to the low number of auctions and on high-end properties in competitive markets.


Vendors typically pay for these inspections and ideally it removes the buyers desire to request ‘subject to sale’ clauses.

The cost is $430.00 inc. GST for a single storey (4 x 2).


Prior to selling, if you want to obtain a Structurally Sound Certificate to present to potential buyers, call our team to discuss your property and any other recommended repairs or approvals required prior to listing on 08 9474 5720.


For a list of items that we inspect:


Prior to selling your home there are a number of things to consider. This article summarizes them neatly and eloquently