Professional independent pre-purchase building inspections Perth.


A Professional Report

Our Inspectors have over 30 years industry experience and the technical knowledge and experience to identify potential structural issues. We report in simple easy to read terms and you have the inspector’s direct number so you can have any queries answered promptly by the person who conducts your inspection.

Your report is detailed, easy to read & compliant with Australian standards. Our detailed pre-purchase reports comply with AS4349.1 – Pre-purchase Building Inspections and has been developed over many years. The structural inspection is designed to satisfy the requirements of the standard REIWA building inspection annexure.

We carry full Professional Indemnity, Professional Liability, and Workers Compensation Insurance because our inspectors are our biggest asset and our clients want to know they are getting happy healthy and knowledgeable people. BCI WA is fully covered, which means so are you!

The costs of pre-purchase building inspections

In Perth, the costs of a pre-purchase inspection are based on the size of the property, its location, and whether it is a single or two storeys. It is a cost-effective investment to have new and established home building inspections in Perth and highly recommended by all real estate agents to get a pre-purchase building inspection before the keys are handed over to you.

We recommend practical maintenance and preventive actions to maintain your investment and have a team of inspectors who are all registered builders with over 25 years of experience each. BCI WA is also a member of the Master Builders Association and can provide a list of trusted trades for any required maintenance work.

As a necessary as part of the property buying process, we offer peace of mind on your investment.

pre purchase inspection process

    1. Arrange a BCI building inspector to visit the property
    2. Organise access to the property with the owner, occupant or agent
    3. Undertake a comprehensive pre purchase building inspection of the property
    4. Prepare a pre purchase inspection report and email or post it or you may collect it from our office in Como
    5. Coordinate a timber pest inspection for you at the same time we conduct our inspection

    Do you have a concern regarding the property? We are here for you! If you have any concerns regarding the property, let us know and we will have our inspector address your concern specifically!

    Standard Structural Inspection

    Visual standard structural inspection of the performance of the following:

    1. External Roof

    *Subject to visibility

    • Straight and true
    • Roof cover condition
    • Valleys
    • Flashings
    • Flues
    • Chimneys
    • Ridges
    • Gutters and downpipes where structural

    2. External Walls

    • Fretting mortar
    • Concrete cancer
    • Cracking / settlement
    • Moisture
    • Includes attached garages, store rooms to the main dwelling

    3. Foundations / Sub-floors

    • Condition of piers and stumps
    • Structural soundness
    • Settlement/shrinkage cracks in the concrete

    4. Internal Roof Structure

    • Performance of roof structural members – Beams, struts, under purlins, rafters, joists, etc.
    • Fixings
    • Ceiling sheets, insulation type, and coverage
    • Insulation
    • Evidence of leaking tiles, ridges, or valleys

    5. Internal Walls, Doors and Windows

    • Check integrity for structural damage, cracking or repairs
    • Ensure they are straight and true
    • Moisture ingress – rising / penetrating or falling damp

    6. Moisture

    Moisture meter testing to all wet areas and adjacent walls

    7. Preliminary Plumbing and Electrical Check

    *NOT COMPLIANCE INSPECTION – We are not licensed plumbers and electricians

    • Check RCD’s and hard wired smoke alarms are present
    • Check power points are earthed throughout the property
    • Give an overview of the hot water system and check the valves
    • Check the water outlets and visual drainage

    8. Timber and Pest Inspection

    *If requested, coordinated with an independent qualified second inspector

    • Check everything within the perimeter of the property
    • Fences
    • Trees and garden beds
    • Wood rot
    • Rodents and other pests
    • Termites – previous activity, live termites and potential risks at the property

      Please note that we offer a basic structural inspection and a premium inspection that checks the non-structural components of the property and any detached structures.

      If you would like a full list of the items checked in this inspection please contact us.

      We can also investigate any specific concerns that you have with your property.

      Have you just purchased a property?

      If your offer to buy a property has been accepted subject to a property inspection or if you just want peace of mind on your investment; we can help you.

      The best way to meet this condition is for one of our qualified building inspectors to undertake a pre purchase building inspection in Perth. Our pre purchase inspection report will confirm whether your property is structurally sound or not, including any recommendations for improvement and/or maintenance.