Whether it be commercial, residential, strata or pre-purchase building inspections, BCI WA building inspections Perth ensure their checklist is thorough, endorsing you to rest assured you are in very safe hands.

The following points highlight some of the most standard factors that make up a building inspection checklist, assisting you to better understand what to be alert for in any of your property endeavours.



What to look for inside

The condition of electrical and plumbing systems


Be certain to check the water pressure of all taps, that power points and light switches are operating, plumbing fixtures are in good condition and all the drains are unimpeded. It is recommended that you have a plumber and electrician further inspect the property, as damage in these systems can lead to more major and expensive complications down the road.


The quality and state of floors, walls, and ceilings


No matter the floor finish, ensure there is no looseness, perished carpet, unsecured grout, cracked tiling or rotting floorboards. Walls should be straight and free of cracks. Note that the walls and ceilings are not showing signs of mould or water stains, indicating possible leaks or ventilation related problems. Examine the quality of the cornices.


The functionality of doors and windows


Ensure the windows and doors are functional and open and close smoothly and correctly. Check the condition of the frames and take note of any surface damage or mould.



What to look for outside

The condition of exterior walls


Ensure walls are straight and weatherboards are in pristine condition. Be certain to note whether any of the structures is asbestos, to make you aware of future costs and to treat the area with extreme care. Check the quality and functionality of windows and doors, including garage doors. Thoroughly examine verandah structural components and inspect whether there is any termite damage.


The quality of the foundations and roof


Check the condition of roof finishes, such as tiles and that nothing beneath is sagging or out of place. Ensure eaves, gutters and downpipes are in a functional and quality state and free from punctures, rust, or water damage. Pay attention to the insulation type or whether the ceiling is insulated at all. Ensure the foundations and veranda floor finishes are intact. Make sure the plastic waterproofing membrane is not visible beneath the slab.


The safety and security around the property


Ensure the surrounding gardens and neighbouring trees don’t pose a threat to the house should anything fall. Examine the condition of gates, fences, and landscaping features such as pools and sheds. Inspect the outdoor plumbing and electrical systems also.



Our final comments…


From the obvious to the unobtrusive, BCI WA ensures precision in all Perth home building inspections acquired. Authorising your decision to purchase, a final building inspection checklist establishes the grounds to decide whether the property you are interested in is of sound quality. Avoid future complications by speaking with our professional team of building inspectors at BCI WA. We offer pre-purchase, and pre-sale inspections in Perth.