Final Inspection – how is this different from a structural inspection and what should I check for?

A Final Inspection happens after your offer and acceptance has become unconditional and normally just before settlement. It can occur up to two months post building and timber pest inspection.

Final inspection

Knowing the difference between a Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection and a Final Inspection is vital because both are important but for very different reasons. Before the offer and acceptance is unconditional, you need to know whether your property is structurally sound and that no termites are present. For a comprehensive list of items checked in your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, click here

The Final Inspection is the last handover of your property before settlement occurs and you are handed the keys.

Here is a checklist to ensure you have peace of mind when you take possession of your new home. It is likely that you haven’t spent too much time at your new property so take your time and enjoy getting to know the ins and outs.

  • Turn the air conditioner / heater on as you arrive to ensure it cools / heats
    Telephone line
    Letter box key
    Door bell
    Light fixtures including pendants
    Water taps and mixers (check outside for hose taps as well)
    Tap spouts
    Water filtration system works
    Plugs for sinks
    Leaks under laundry trough
    Washing machine taps
    Sinks (check that don’t leak)
    Toilets (check that flush)
    Door handles
    Exhaust fans
    Ceiling fans
    Stove / cook top / oven
    Dishwasher – working and explained
    Air conditioner
    Evaporative cooler
    Heating unit
    Hot water service
    Pool pump and light
    Spa – heating unit and pump / filter
    Garage door (check that works + remote)
    Smoke detectors
    Rubbish bins (check that present and in good condition, green and yellow)
    Door locks
    Doors – do they open easily and do sliding doors move freely
    Window locks
    Windows – do they open and close and move freely
    Dimmers on lights, sky lights, automatic blinds
    Alarm codes and how to use it, where it is activated
    Home telephone
    Electrical switchboard – 2 RCD’s
    Gas meter
    Solar power operation unit
    Attic stairs
    Fire place
    any items that may have been governed as part of the sale including display furniture.
  • Pre-purchase checklist and final inspection checklist

If for some reason you are not able to be there for your final inspection, you can request that your building inspector be present in your absence. This is not our speciality but as your inspector would already be familiar with your property, we do it in exceptional circumstances. Please call for a quote on Office: (08) 9474 5720 / Ash: 0420 699 848 (24×7).