Business, more than a structural building inspection!

Business is more than a structural building inspection!


When you are the supplier to an industry that needs you, as opposed to wants you, then you get your satisfaction from knowing that you have delivered a product that will exceed expectations. Too often in our fast-paced world we don’t get feedback from clients unless it is pointing out a fault. This rarely happens to Ian, however we wanted him to know how much value he adds to our business and the industry!


When Ian chose to go away for his 20 year anniversary with BCI (who could blame him!) we decided that we would ask a few of his clients why they enjoyed working with him. The responses speak for themselves. Ian is exceptional. He is detailed, extremely knowledgeable and enjoys his job. This is so evident in the feedback he was given and we couldn’t be happier that he knows that the effort he has put into his last 20 years with us has been more than transactions.


BCI do business to form relationships with people. This is why…


“I choose you because you consistently provide an excellent service.  I have worked with you for approximately 6 (maybe even 7) years now and your comments, advice and guidance has been invaluable for sellers, buyers and us when dealing with any issues for structural pre purchase reports. Your availability to both parties as well makes resolving any issues so much easier without any major conflicts.  I admire your work ethic, professionalism, knowledge and skills and you are an overall fantastic guy who we all get along with. We love you Ian!”



“We always choose Ian to do our clients’ structural and pre-purchase building inspections because he is friendly and trustworthy.  Ian explains defects and doesn’t scare monger with faults in structural reports.  Ian unlike so many building inspectors (and people) is level-headed and just a good bloke.”



“I have been using Ian Watling to carry out my structural building inspections for over 20 years. I have always chosen Ian from BCI as my preferred building inspector because of his experience, reliability, efficiency and attention to detail. I can always rely that his inspections are accurate, his reports are easy to read from the buyers’ point of view and he is honest with his work.  Ian has always been very reliable and flexible when it comes to booking building inspections and is very trustworthy with his feedback and opinions on structural matters.  Ian is a true gentleman. He has always been very easy to approach and gives 100% to the job at hand. He is a true testament to the people in his field.”


“Honesty and integrity, these words get thrown around so regularly in business and Ian has always carried himself with 100% professionalism at all times.
Ian is both so personable and professional at the same time. The
clients love him and trust him.  He has been so patient and cooperative with my clients and always happy to explain complicated situations long after the structural building inspection has been carried out. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty, on many occasions attending to structural building inspections after hours and on weekends when time was of the essence.”



“Ian’s an expert in his field. He’s knowledgeable, insightful and helpful. When doing a structural building inspection he takes the time to explain in detail his findings giving us greater insight\understanding to explain to our clients when needed.  His friendly professional manner, his smile when even on the hottest day he crawls into a cavity to inspect. and virtually swims out… perspiration and all…. to document his findings”.



“I choose IAN for ALL my clients’ structural building inspections as he is thorough, knowledgeable, a great communicator and a great guy!  Ian has always been prepared to make the time to explain issues to buyers in a simplistic way and readily offered realistic and cost-effective solutions.  I respect Ian in many ways however the standout for me is his manner – always cheery, positive and a willingness to assist wherever possible.  Ian I really appreciate everything you have done for me – working with you is always a pleasure”.



“I always request Ian to carry out my structural building inspections because he is knowledgeable, thorough and always reliable.  On many occasions Ian has gone the extra mile for my clients. He takes time to go through any concerns they may have and has often prevented small issues becoming major. Advice after hours too!  I have the utmost respect for Ian. He always arrives promptly and always with that trademark smile. He works diligently whilst still having time for a chat and a laugh. Nothing is too much trouble for him. Having been in the business for many years I have heard some horror stories but if you use BCI and Ian Watling for your structural building inspection you are in the best hands”.



“My main reason for choosing Ian is his honesty, not what I refer to as a fee justifier.  Over the 15 odd years I have used Ian (and I only ever recommend Ian) he has never made a mountain out of a mole hill. He reports whatever he finds in a calm clear easy to understand manner and provides a solution for the problem if needs be.   Ian is always willing to chat with a buyer or seller and explain the situation and how best to deal with it. I also call Ian for advice on reports that others have prepared for clarification and understanding of the issues and the best way to remedy, he always willing to help.  I admire and respect Ian’s knowledge and opinion when I need a report for my own family and friends I insist that he is the man to take care of their structural building inspection”. Thank you Ian, I count you as a trusted colleague and friend.  Congratulations on 20 years which is a testament. 



“Ian doesn’t panic people needlessly but is still being completely honest and transparent. I always know exactly what you’ll get and that he is going to treat your clients (whether sellers or buyers) with respect.  He is such a pleasure to deal with, such a gentleman. It’s hard to put into words but it’s great to have some like Ian in your corner.



“We have chosen Ian to do Structural Building Inspections for many years and will continue to do so due to his extensive knowledge, approachable manner, communication skills and problem solving attitude. These attributes are invaluable in helping our buyers to understand the issues with the home and moving our sales smoothly to settlement!  Thanks Ian! Enjoy your well-deserved break!”



“Firstly, and above all I choose Ian because he is a truly wonderful man. I’m always very happy when I see him at the structural inspections over the years. Not only is he obviously professional, good at his job and very knowledgeable, but he Is also a truly lovely person to. Over the years I have had some very stressful clients and he knows how to talk to them and explains situations, especially with some of the older houses, and puts them at ease. That is something you don’t find much anymore.  Not only does he help me by explaining things that I do not know but he also is happy to explain to clients about any defects the properties may have and what can be done to fix the issues. He explains things in a calm manner, yet clear concise way, so the client has a good understanding of what they are buying and what they may need to do in the future”.


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