Drone photos allowing access for roof inspections that would normally deem areas as inaccessible on residential, strata and commercial properties in Perth.


Drones aren’t new but using them for suburban roof inspections is for us. We (the boys) love all things technology. They are intrigued by the potential that technology unlocks when it comes to building inspections. Previously, conditions such as height, angle, materials, condition, age and location have been inhibiting factors that can limit the roof inspection on certain elements. No more. The cost of adding drone photos to your current roof inspection is minimal if the potential gain of spotting a problem allows you to rectify it before it costs thousands to fix.


BCI Drone Photo of roof inspection in Connolly, rusting gutters that require immediate attention – treating with rust inhibitor and repaint. Alternatively replace existing gutters.


Strata properties and sinking fund inspections always comprise of roof inspections as part of the report and are finding the use of drones particularly helpful. Inspecting a property recently in Perth’s north, Connolly, there were 26 two storey properties that ranged in height depending on which part of the hill they were built. The property was exposed to strong winds and there were multiple issues with the roof top that required attention. Access was unavailable to more than half of the properties which would have meant the report would have made assumptions based on the condition of the neighbouring roof tops and signs of water ingress in the roof cavity or ceilings. BCI invested in a commercial grade drone that could withstand the strong winds and take high resolution images for every roof inspection that includes but is not limited to; roof top (tin or tile), gutters, flashings, valleys, ridges and hips, rusting fixings, sky light, air conditioning and solar installations on the main dwelling and detached garages and detect any defects that were present. The findings with this strata property in particular weren’t consistent across the board so the use of the drone helped the council of owners budget for upcoming repair and maintenance on their properties.


For more information on strata inspections and what is required as part of the sinking fund inspection report, click on the link: https://bciwa.com.au/strata-inspections-in-perth/


BCI Drone photo of roof inspection – broken bricks that require attention


More recently the drone was requested for a pre purchase inspection on a high end residential property in Floreat. This property had a tin roof that was curved. It was too high to safely gain access and it was also unsafe due to the shape of it. The buyers requested drone photos be taken of this property. Due to the value of the property, the buyers were not prepared to take the risk of not viewing the roof from the top of the property. They had peace of mind knowing they had a record of the condition of the property prior to purchasing it because they could see that the gutters and flashings had been installed correctly and no signs of rust or lifting was present.


BCI Drone photo, roof inspection

BCI Drone photo of attached garage on Strata Property in Connolly