BCI building inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about your pre-purchase building inspection and report. This is all new to me - do I need a building inspection? Yes. Often agents may say that the property is 100 years old and does not require a building inspection. Or, the house is only seven years old and...

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5 quick and cheap fixes to sell your home faster.

Getting your home ready for sale can be a daunting experience. Where to start? Especially when it is meant to look like no one has ever lived there! Here are five tips that you may not think of when you start the decluttering process. From a buyers perspective...

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A Dilapidation Report can save you a lot more than money!

Dilapidation report or pre-construction surveys can save you more than money.   We conduct a lot of dilapidation reports on properties prior to construction or earthworks. Generally residential builders that call us have met the home owners however when civil...

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BCI Senior Building Inspector, Ian!

Meet Senior Building Inspector – Ian!

Meet Ian! Ian has been with BCI for 19 years! He was our first consultant to ever join the team and from his first day, he has been worth his weight in gold. Ian inspects every property as if it were his own. He is methodical, experienced and has a work ethic that...

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REIWA are celebrating 100 years of service to the Perth Community

Support local enterprise – Community counts!

Supporting local enterprise sounds easy enough but is it?? Supporting local enterprise might mean choosing IGA over Coles or buying Aldi meat instead of the cheapest mince from somewhere we have never heard of but when it comes to search engines, does local count?...

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Protect your home during Perth Winter

6 Ways to Protect Your Home During a Perth Winter

6 Ways to Protect Your Home During a Perth Winter Protecting your home from leaks and unwanted disasters in winter can save a lot of time and money further down the track. You will be surprised at how obvious these things appear yet so many people put them off...

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How do you choose the right builder?

How do you choose the right builder? Do you know that even when you choose the right builder, that progress inspections such as slab down inspections, plate height inspections, roof cover inspections and finally practical completion inspections may still be...

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Six things you should never DIY on your new home

Have you just bought a new home or have been contemplating a few improvements here and there since moving in? This brief article might be worth a read before starting any work after a Bunnings trip and a hotdog on a Saturday. Every Building Consultancy and...

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To Inspect or Not to Inspect, that is the dilemma, or is it?

I thought I would delve into the area or Offer & Acceptance as this is where YOU as the prospective buyer of a established property have the opportunity to allow yourself the ability to make an informed decision on the property you are making an offer on. Now...

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