Structural Inspector Ian Watling, BCI

Business, more than a structural building inspection!

Business is more than a structural building inspection!   When you are the supplier to an industry that needs you, as opposed to wants you, then you get your satisfaction from knowing that you have delivered a product that will exceed expectations. Too often...

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Strata Inspections Perth, BCI, Building Inspections, Strata Reform, Sinking Funds

Strata Inspections Perth: BCI’s Top 5 Strata Reform Wins!

There are benefits galore associated with the new Strata Reform. In a nutshell, Landgate is executing the strata reform and a handful of industry leaders in Perth have assisted by investing a whole lot of time, energy and experience. The collaboration and time...

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Tribal interior that has nothing to do with a building inspection

Nothing To Do With Building and Pest Inspections

You have negotiated your price, had your finance approved, completed your building and pest inspections and now your ready to move in. Time to turn your house into a home!   When you think about it, the building and pest inspections process of buying your...

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5 Strata Inspection findings that need fixing before winter

If you are living in a Strata Complex that has these components, a Strata Inspection will identify areas that require fixing prior to a wet winter.   BCI Strata Inspection (click to view video of inspector checking moisture levels)   Ian conducted this...

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Wall cracks, significant crack


YOU’VE GOT WALL CRACKS – WHY ARE THEY THERE AND WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT THEM? Wall Cracks – the types of wall cracks and causes explained Wall cracks can be ugly, but they can also be a sign that something structurally significant requires your attention. The good...

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Building, construction defects, straps, tie down straps

Common types of building & construction defects in Perth

Building and construction defects are common. This article might help you to understand the different types of building and construction defects and see where a building inspector may assist you and save you thousands of dollars instead of going to a lawyer if your...

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ceiling inspections

Ceiling Inspections: Save your ceiling BEFORE this happens

Ceiling Inspections can save your ceiling before it collapses. Last week we were asked to conduct a ceiling inspection on a ceiling that had collapsed on a Perth property the day prior. The damage was extensive and the tenants were lucky that no one was seriously...

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structural and timber pest inspections in Perth

Building and Pest Inspections in Perth – worth their weight!

BCI have been conducting Building and Pest Inspections in Perth and it's surrounding suburbs for over 26 years. It is prudent to check for termites and to ensure the home you are buying is structurally sound. Luckily most inspections do not find extensive damage...

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Ten Year Reserve Fund Report

Strata inspections in Perth

Strata inspections in Perth are becoming main stream and owners across Perth are benefiting from the reports being produced that are helping to forecast, budget and manage their investments.             A sinking fund is essential for...

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