BCI WA’s Team

About BCI WA

Established in 1994, BCI WA is a locally owned building inspection company trusted by residential, commercial, and strata clients in Western Australia. Their team of highly experienced Registered Builders, each with over 25 years of experience, provides comprehensive property inspections to ensure informed decision-making and peace-of-mind for both new builds and existing properties.

As a builder and a quantity surveyor, John Firth Founded the business with over 40 years’ experience working in the UK, the Caribbean and Perth, Western Australia. With his in-depth knowledge of building practices John recruited a highly skilled team of inspectors, some who still work with us till this day.

Meet The Team


Joanna Colman

(Managing Director)

With over 14 years as a manager of BCI WA, I am dedicated to fostering a professional environment where passion for the industry thrives. Our team, each with a minimum of 25 years in the construction sector, shares a deep love for their work. My role focuses on creating opportunities for our experts to excel, supporting them as they share their knowledge and achieve their professional goals.
Our administrative team adds another layer of vibrancy to our operations—highly skilled, dedicated, and always engaging.
Prior to BCI WA I enjoyed a career in event management. Creating conferences and events in the cosmetics industry and orchestrating large-scale fundraising events for the nonprofit sector gave me a broad knowledge of marketing and bringing people and businesses together in a mutually beneficial way. At BCI WA, we believe our business is not just about addressing property concerns but also about giving back. We proudly support initiatives like Water for Africa and microfinance organizations that foster sustainable growth for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Ashley Colman

(Director Of Operations)

For the past 12 years, I have directed the operations at BCI WA, ensuring that our systems, policies, and procedures propel us towards exceeding client expectations. My commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology helps keep us competitive and empowers our clients to tackle their IT challenges effectively. My background as a police officer in WA for 16 years has profoundly shaped my approach, enhanced my problem-solving skills and strengthened my dedication to service. I firmly believe in the power of business to make a daily impact, helping people and improving lives. 

Meet Our Inspectors

  • 9Stuart Maughan
  • 9Steven Schultz
  • 9Stuart Blackie
  • 9James Beagley
  • 9Ian Jackson
  • 9Cameron Simms


  • 9Bradley Best


  • 8Kelly
(Office and Administration Manager)
  • 8Elena
(Administrator and Loyalty Program Coordinator)
  • 8Jade
(Administrator and Systems Architect)
  • 8Angus
(Marketing Coordinator)