It is an exciting feat to buy a house in Perth. It is an imperative monetary decision, and is an investment in our families for the future. As you make your way through the property journey, it is important not to underestimate the value of a building and home inspection.

That said, here’re some reasons why you should not perform a house inspection on your own, and why you should rely on an expert eye to get the job done.


You aren’t trained to carry out a house Inspection in Perth


A quality, thorough and professional house inspection in Perth needs knowledge across numerous trades like plumbing, electrical, civil, structural – not to mention building knowledge as a whole. Unless you have the necessary training, you won’t know what to look for, and what the red flags are.


You don’t have the experience to see what a building inspector can see


We have years behind us in the building industry, and as a result we have seen nearly everything the industry can throw our way. As experts we have finely tuned our ability to recognise underlying concealed defects, and structural issues as we have likely seen them many times before.


You aren’t equipped with the required tools of the trade


In order To carry out an inspection, home and building  inspectors require specific equipment like infrared cameras for diagnosing concerns of missing insulation, fault detectors, moisture metres for concealed water leaks, multimeters, and so on.  If you do not have the right tool kit, and are not  familiar with how to use each of them, it is best to leave them to the house inspection pros.


You are likely time-poor


You work full-time, you have a family to manage and a household to run, is fitting in a building inspection really a viable option for you at this time? After all, measuring the property from a structural and foundational point of view is a time consuming task, and it should be as this is an important task to complete. Furthermore, examining plumbing and electrical units can be tedious. A house inspection is something we do day-in and day-out, it’s what gets us up in the morning, so leave it to us, and you can spend your valuable time doing what you need to do.


You don’t know the full scope of what is included in an inspection report


Do you have the full body of knowledge required to understand a house inspection report? House inspection experts can curate a thorough house inspection report, in a manner builders will be able to understand. They are greatly experienced and know which areas need to be covered.

But with a house inspection report that is done by you, the possibilities are very likely that the builders will not take that seriously.


You risk the likelihood of missing defects


The primary concerns a house may have is not necessarily visible to the naked eye. The aim of a house inspection is to recognise underlying problems that could become major issues down the road. As you lack the ‘eye’ and the background knowledge, the underlying issues may go unchecked, because it is easy to believe the home is faultless at first glance. The money you’ll save doing the house inspection on your own will end up costing you dearly down the road if you have to spend on costly repairs.


Are you ready to inspect your home in Perth? Then contact BCI WA for all your home inspection needs. We offer a quick, thorough and reliable home inspection service.