Who doesn’t want their beautiful Perth home to be even more embellished with a stunning backyard?

Whether you are about to put your home on the market, and don’t want your Perth building inspection to fail, or you simply want an easy-to-maintain backyard living space to relish for years to come – we here at BCIWA have got a couple of tips under our sleeve for you.

Here are our 3 tips to a great backyard…


#1 Make it an outdoor living space

Make the indoors flow into the outdoors, where the living activities can carry on through those hot Perth summer days. By marrying the indoors into the outdoors, you will inevitably minimise the amount of space that needs to be dedicated to caring for plants and grass, etc., whilst maximising an area that can be utilised for entertaining and relaxing.

When these spaces are done seamlessly, they can feel just like another room in your home, only it is outside! You get all the benefits of being outdoors — the fresh air, the open space, the sky, birds, the sun — without having to worry about the maintenance.


#2 Use native plants

As the saying goes…when in doubt, go native! Native plants and trees thrive best when planted in their local environment. The best part is, they require the least amount of maintenance! No need to worry about whether they are getting the right amount of sunlight or water, they are exactly where they are meant to be! Native plants add character to your backyard, are aesthetic and do not require too much upkeep.


#3 An alternative to grass?

For those who hate mowing, and want less grass to deal with, then mulch beds might be a time efficient solution for your household. Investing in mulch beds is one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to reduce the amount of grass you have to tend to. They’re incredibly low maintenance as there is nothing to mow. Furthermore, you don’t have to water mulch beds, and they prevent weeds from growing. A bonus? They are completely self-fertilising. All this means that any plants you grow in a mulch bed will get most of the nutrients they need.


For more tips on ensuring your home is ‘Perth building inspector ready’, be sure to chat to us today. If you are thinking of buying a home, and want to ensure your building inspector considers all facets of the home, including the outdoors, then BCIWA are the team to turn to. We look at every living and non-living area of a home, ensuring you know what you are signing up for. Chat to our team today.