It goes without saying, conducting a home and building inspection in Perth, prior to committing to a home purchase in Perth is not only a wise choice, but it can also be a huge factor that can save you thousands down the road.

Let us set the scene for you – after months of house-hunting and visiting display homes or open homes, you finally found your dream Perth home. You don’t think twice before signing on the dotted line already envisioning your future.

You have moved in with your family and you guys make yourselves at home. Within the first week of moving, you notice the roof of the house is leaking to the point you cannot ignore it. Upon calling a professional, they inform you that the repair work will cost you over $10,000 to fix the issue.

As shocking as this sounds, believe it or not, this kind of scenario happens far too often. We understand this can be quite overwhelming for you as a new homeowner. Therefore, it is important to inspect every aspect of a new home before making any final decisions.

You can avoid a disaster from happening if you consider a pre-purchase building inspection. If you are already thinking about considering a pre-purchase building inspection, we have addressed a few queries you may have about the process, through our article.

  1. Structural damage

The strength of any building structure lies in its foundation. A well-built foundation can help you stay safe. The building should be constructed to keep the ground moisture from seeping in so that it doesn’t weaken the structure.

However, when you ignore the structural issues while buying a home, it could turn out to be dangerous for your family. A pre-purchase building inspection will aid you in mitigating dangerous situations as it pinpoints the weakness of the home’s structure.

Additionally, the inspection job will also help determine whether or not the property complies with proper building codes and standards. If it doesn’t comply with the required standards, please hold off signing the contract at this stage!


  1. Determines needed repairs, and all the related costs

When considering a pre-purchase inspection in Perth, you get a rough idea about the necessary repairs and their cost. To save money, buyers often purchase properties that require repair.

However, without a pre-purchase building inspection, you will end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. With a pre-purchase building inspection, you will understand the types of repairs required to meet Australia’s building codes and standards.


  1. Helps identify wiring concerns and unsafe areas

Faulty wiring issues constitute a significant danger to your family, as this can cause fires and can electrocute members of your household. A pre-purchase building inspection will help you identify the potential electrical wiring issues, and can mitigate risks that come with faulty wiring.

Furthermore, a pre-purchase building inspection can also help you locate the home’s unsafe areas, which could cause potential harm to people who reside in your home.


At BCI WA, we ensure you receive high quality and professional building inspections in Perth. You can buy your dream home with complete confidence with our building inspection services! Let’s chat today!